The jury is divided into two distinct panels, remote jury and venue jury.

The festival selection committee selects 500 final round films from all categories for the festival screening.

In a special screening, the venue jury selects 50 micro-films for the competition category from the final round films.

The remote jury, which includes acclaimed directors, actors, techno-savvy professionals and media personalities world-wide (200+ film personalities) will vote for the Best Film of the Festival and Second Best Film of the festival.

The person whose entry in the contest gets the most votes from the viewers, wins the Viewer's choice awards. It will be awarded according to the rating received in the App for each.

The venue jury screens the competition films during a special screening in the festival and decide other awards.

The members of our jury belong to a network of professionals, with years of experience in the industry. The quality standard of our festival is very high and only awards the best films, so the winners can be very proud of their achievement.

International Micro Film Festival, Kochi 2021

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