Grafix, launches its most innovative, techno-savvy project in January 2022
International Micro - Film Festival in Kochi (IMFFK2021)
A unique film experience of 1,2,3 minute cinema

  • The 'short films' or the 'microfilms' is a squatty edition of the medium which becomes a visual challenge for the film-makers as well as for the spectators
  • The five minute long film gives ample food for thought as it is incredible, informative and interesting.
  • This is a novel venture to promote the filmmakers who have the flair of visualizing the real with the help of reel in a short span of time.
  • Micro films which are a blend of thematic excellence and technical perfection will be the hallmark of the festival.

Internationally acclaimed film personalities
will vote for the best film of the festival

Selected entries for the festival will be streamed through Nee Streem OTT platform

Win cash prizes over Rs.5 Lakhs + Crystal Leaf Awards


Eligibility: Open to any independent or student filmmaker world wide Maximum duration : 5 minutes Exhibition Category: Short films, duration 5-15 minutes Accepted genres: All genres (Theme based and non theme based subjects) The selected final round entrants will have to grant to the organizers the non exclusive digital rights to distribute the program in digital formats Properly filled up entry form, posters and film stills

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Theme of the subject based category, GLOBAL FRIENDSHIP
The world has shrunk together "like an ageing orange", with its hi-tech communication facilities and globalized environment. There exists, therefore, an essential ambivalence in the nature of human relationships. it has at once blossomed, and withered.

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Key Dates

Regular Deadline: October 20, 2021 Late Deadline: November 10, 2021 Extended Deadline: November 30, 2021 Notification: January 5, 2022 The Festival: January 21-23, 2022

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Entry Fees

Regular Deadline: Rs.500 Late Deadline: Rs.750 Extended Deadline: Rs.1000 Student Category: Rs.500 Up to three entries by the same filmmaker or producer

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'Microfilms' means a very short aesthetic creation. Duration maximum 5 minutes

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International Micro Film Festival, Kochi (IMFFK2021)

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